• Mobile switch cabinet

    1. Advantages and disadvantages of removable switchgear At present, most domestic units with strong funds, a large number of switchgears, and high demand for electricity use moveable switchgear. Removable switchgear cabinet body is small and compact, installation area is small, easy to maintain, ...
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  • Medium voltage switchgear

    The main players in the gas insulated switchgear market:-Siemens, Fuji Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi, Nisshin, ABB, Schneider Electric, Eaton, General Electric, Toshiba International, Larsen & Toubro, and other players. Pune, India, September 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Due to ...
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  • Vacuum circuit breaker

    Eaton’s HMH series of metal-enclosed modular switchgears are medium-voltage components used in secondary power distribution systems, compact pavilion-type substations and industrial facilities. They are designed for indoor/outdoor use. All functional units can be easily installed side by side. Th...
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  • The Contact BOX Series

    The Contact BOX Series General Description 1.The contact box is formed byepoxy with APG technies,it is used for insulation isolation and connection transition of various switch trucks. 2.Operation Condition 1.Altitude:≤1000m; 2.Ambient temperature:+40℃~10℃; 3.The relative humidity shall not b...
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  • High-voltage circuit breaker

    High-voltage circuit breaker

    The high-voltage circuit breaker (or high-voltage switch) can not only cut off or close the no-load current and load current in the high-voltage circuit, but also cut off the overload current and short-circuit current through the function of the relay ...
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  • Zn85-40.5 indoor vacuum circuit breaker &Main parameters and action principle

    Zn85-40.5 indoor vacuum circuit breaker &Main parameters and action principle

    3. Main technical parameters 3.1 structural features 3.1.1 the circuit breaker adopts integrated and modular design, with simple and reasonable overall structure. It is set up and down, the arc extinguishing chamber is above, and the interlocking and operating parts are below. Special spring pne...
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  • Development trend of vacuum interrupter

    Since the advent of vacuum interrupter, it has been developing towards miniaturization, high reliability and low cost. With the expansion of the application scope of vacuum switch, vacuum interrupter also has a new development direction. 1. Miniaturization The development of vacuum arc theory and...
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  • Operation steps for correct use of high current generator

    Operation steps for correct use of high current generator

    1. Connect the working circuit according to the electrical schematic diagram. Transformer shell, console, etc. must be well grounded. 2. Turn on the power and the green indicator on the console will be on. Press the start button, the red indicator light is on, and the current riser is waiting for...
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  • Q & A on common knowledge in electrical industry

    How many kinds of reactive power sources are there in the power system? The reactive power sources in the power system include: 1. Synchronous generator 2. Adjustable camera 3. Parallel compensation capacitor 4. Series compensation capacitor 5. Static compensator What is the purpose of current t...
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  • Causes of power transformer faults and treatment methods

    A brief analysis of the causes and troubleshooting methods of power transformers during operation has been made. The author believes that correct and reasonable troubleshooting methods can promote the normal operation of transformer equipment. Generally speaking, the fault of the transformer is m...
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  • What We Do?

    Recently, affected by the typhoon in coastal areas, a rare rainstorm suddenly struck Henan, and many disasters appeared. The severe flood control situation affects the hearts of Chinese people. On July 23, we received an urgent order from our partners, and a batch of power equipment rushed to the...
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  • Electrical Online Connector

    As the voltage generated by solar panels increases, the risk of explosion or lightning caused by high-power discharge caused by wire damage is also increasing. In order to reduce or eliminate this risk, researchers at Sandia National Laboratory, in cooperation with engineers of guardian sensors I...
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